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Having performed with many bands in the lead-up to the creation of GELATO, band founder and lead singer Drew Wynen knew the kind of music he wanted to create. The band recorded their first, self-titled EP with Tobin Jones (Bo Ningen, The Pearl Harts) which was released in March 2015. The debut EP was well received by many notable names in the London music industry such as BBC6 Music, Amazing Radio and various other radios/blogs. GELATO are a mix of Alternative, Punk and Garage, with hook & riff filled rock keeping it loud and fast whilst maintaining a melodic and tight sound (think  Queens Of The Stone Age combined with the likes of At The Drive-In & Dinosaur Pile-up). With a steady gigging schedule, growing fanbase, the release of a second EP (‘Daydream’) and various support slots for bands such as LTNT, BONES & more, GELATO make up a dynamite trio that are certainly a band to look out for.


"In just under 10 minutes Gelato have proved to me they have what it takes to stand tall up there with their contemporaries. A proper slice of high energy, grunge-tinged, power pop just the way I like it. Man, they are up there with the likes of the very excellent Dinosaur Pile-Up and Brawlers for me. Three tracks may not be much to go on but the prospect of an album from Gelato excites me far more than anything released by The Foos or QOTSA for many years and that statement there should be enough to make you go and check them the hell out."




"Having made a potent and impressive introduction to themselves with their self-titled debut EP earlier this year, UK rockers Gelato more than back up its success and potential with successor Daydream.  It is also a release which only grows more impressive over time, though it needed few plays to confirm suspicions that Gelato is a fresh breath for UK rock."



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